Reader Quick Tip: Easily Disposing of Drained Grease - Yuck!

Ok, so I admit that I am not on top of the tips in the cooking world. For those that know me, I almost despise cooking...because I am TERRIBLE! :)  But, I must be brave and pull through for my family so that they are not just opening up boxes and eating what is inside...well, at least not ALL of the time!

So, this quick tip came from reader Jen F. from North Carolina! Thank you, Jen!

Do you hate trying to drain grease into a small empty can, letting it cool and then trying to find a place outside to dump it? Well, I have done that for 36 years and I am now through!

The easy fix? Instead of getting a can that the grease will no doubt drain in, on and around in your sink, grab a bowl.  Cover it with foil so that the foil hangs over each edge.  Then, drain the grease from the meat through a regular strainer easily into the bowl.

So much easier than what I am used to!!
Now, wait until the grease hardens. Make sure you
set the bowl away from little hands!  You could even put it in the bottom of the sink for safe keeping!  When it is fully/mostly hardened, just fold the foil over it and throw it away! Voila, problem solved!

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