DIY Disney Lanyards and Card Holders - Use with Fast Pass System!

If you are planning on going to Disney World, and NOT getting a Magic Band, you are going to want one of these! :)

If you haven't heard, Disney has a new paperless Fast Pass+ system that allows you to "schedule" certain rides throughout the day, shortening your wait time tremendously. This system is linked to your electronic Disney ticket (the same one you get in the gate with). So, when you schedule your rides (if you are reading this before online availability is open to everyone) you will need this card out. Also, you will need to "tap" it on a sensor at two different locations when you are standing in the Fast Pass line.  It is a PAIN to pull it out of a wallet or purse every time.

Also, you may have gift cards or photo passes that you need to have handy when shopping or taking photos with your favorite characters! Here is an idea that I got to make my own "lanyard" that we could just wear around our necks all day, allowing our cards to be on us AND handy at all times!

I did not want to fiddle with buying one there...and of course, didn't want to pay their prices! So, I whipped these up in no time!

Here's what you'll need:

-3 feet of sturdy, wide (Disney) ribbon per adult
-needle and thread, hot glue or sewing machine
-clip (I found these in the purse-making section of Joann's)
 OR an old key ring
-name tag holder (Staples has an array of choices)
-long pin

1. First, measure ribbon around the actual person that the lanyard is for if possible. Add 1 1/2 inches for overlap when making.  Make sure it doesn't hang too low to get in the way when they are sitting. Also, make sure it is not to short so that it looks like a cheesy necklace! LOL!

2. Next, make sure your ribbon is not twisted over and over (especially when taking it off a spool). After it is straight, bring the "right" side of one end of the ribbon to the other and lay it on top of the other "right" side so that the ends match up.  Take a look at the pattern and make sure it is facing the way you want to when it is around your neck. (Make sure characters/words are not upside down)

3. Slip the ends of the ribbon through and around the clip or the key ring.  You should have about a little less than 1 inch wrapping around the backside so that you can sew/glue it. Pin in place if sewing.

4. Stitch or glue the ribbon in place.  I would stitch 3 or 4 rows over each other, making sure to backstitch each time so that it didn't rip out.  If you have a key ring, make sure that you don't glue the actual ring, just the ribbon. You will want the key ring to turn when hooking on your card holder!

5. Now, all that is left is to clip on your plastic badge! Or,  slide it onto the key ring. I personally loved our clips that rotated. I didn't have to worry about my lanyard getting twisted around my neck when I twisted the card holder. I was able to fit 4-5 cards in one lanyard. I suggest buying sturdy plastic, not the cheapies! You don't want the plastic to rip off the hook for some reason!


- I don't suggest children wearing them if at all possible just for the fact that if you lose them, you will be sad! I also wouldn't want them to get tangled on accident.

- I would tuck the lanyards inside your shirt when going on rides, just so they don't get caught or fly off when you are upside-down on the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster or dropping on the Tower of Terror!

-I would not take them off when you get on the ride and then hope to remember to take it out of the rider pocket when you are done. You may forget to pick it back up at least once - probably won't be getting that back!

The last tip is to ENJOY your day...AND take advantage of the Fast Passes!!!!

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