Save Money! Flavor Your Own Coffee!

Recently, I have noticed that my body is reacting MUCH more to the caffeine in my morning cup 'o joe than it used to! I have the extreme jitters when I drink it and have trouble cutting a straight line in my fabric...bummer! SO, I have had to cut down on the caffeine and use decaf, which I was NOT excited about!

I am a lover of flavored coffee AND flavored coffee creamer! I mix hazelnut coffee with coconut creamer, toffee with irish creme...whatever floats my boat for the day! BUT, the flavored decaf versions are very limited :( So, I researched how to make my own! And, I found that I can be pretty creative!

You can try these at home with your favorite flavors!

Using Extracts:

First, grind your coffee beans and put them into the coffee maker in your filter. Take your favorite extract...I used vanilla...and start with just a capful for about 2-4 cups worth. You can always add more with the next brew if it is not strong enough for you!  They make all sorts of extracts...vanilla, almond, coconut...the possibilities are endless!

Mexican Coffee:

This time, sprinkle some cinnamon onto the grounds before you brew. This will definitely depend on your taste...I like ALOT of flavoring!

Mocha Coffee:

Brew your coffee as usual.  Before pouring a cup, add about 1/4 packet of hot cocoa mix to the bottom of the cup. Mix in just a bit of coffee to get the dissolving to begin. (It will look a bit like mud.) Then, top the rest off with your coffee and creamer if desired! MMMmmm!

Toffee Coffee:

Before you dump your coffee grounds into the filter, add some brown sugar into it. The sugar will be somewhat "caramely" (if that's a word) and it will taste like toffee! Again, experiment for the desired taste! :)

NOTE: Some people grind their flavorings right into the grounds in their grinder. I chose not to because the flavor will STAY in the grinder and I don't want to buy another one! :)

Have a coffee flavoring idea? Let me know! :)


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