DIY Tutorial Wrist Cover Ups - No More Snowy Wrists!

So, I have been out of commission for a week from surgery and will be for another 5 weeks or so. Well, it makes me crazy to sit still, so I am focusing on problem solving while I am sitting! My blog will be the result! :) 

Brrrr! Eventually happens every time they stretch out their arms!

Here's one of the problems we had last week while I was watching the kids play outside on their billionth snow day...jeepers!  We have these nice winter snow coats with the sleeve extenders on it and these nice warm mittens. My kids LOVE to make snow men and have snow ball fights! They are constantly putting their hands in the snow. We tuck their sleeves into their gloves, buy the kind of gloves that go up to their forearms and then get snow in anyway, and even have tried putting long socks over their mittens to keep their wrists from getting snowy.  But they STILL have cold little wrists!

Now, you can get crafty and knit or crochet one of these, or buy arm warmers. You may even be able to find them on Amazon. But, you know me. Reuse, upcycle, find an easy and cheap way to make them...yup. Here we go! NO Sew unless you want to stitch a bit on the knit fabric, or use fray-check on it!

Here's all you need for your No-Sew Wrist Cover Ups for Mittens AND Gloves:

* Sharp scissors
* Two ends of a knit long sleeve shirt (these are about a foot long, got the shirt from Walmart)
*Optional: pen

That's it! Like I said before, you may also want to use fray-check or zig-zag stitch, but it hasn't been necessary after 2 times using them already!

- First, put the sleeve over the child with the seam running straight along the inside of the arm that the thumb is on. Bring the sleeve toward the elbow so that the end just reaches where the fingers meet the hand. This will allow the child to wear both gloves OR mittens without bunching up.

-Then, mark with a pen, or hold your thumb on the point where the inside of the thumb meets the hand.  You can eyeball this as well without really making a huge difference.

- In the photo above, I drew a small line from that inside thumb point to the seam, making sure that the fold was exactly along the seam.  This is the line that you are going to cut along - both sides at the same time.

- This is what the slit will look like after you cut along the line.  No need to cut a "hole", just a small line since it will stretch a bit to accommodate the thumb.

Yup, that's it! Slide the sleeve on, putting the thumb through the hole. Now, the wrist will never be directly exposed!  You can even double up and wear two on one arm at the same time if you are planning on getting really snowy!  Put your coat on, then your mittens or gloves and go have fun!

Do you have other ideas for these snowy days or for keeping warm? I would love to hear them! Comment below!
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