Tops "Bummer" Trip Today! Beware of DND 5 Coupons!

If you have been couponing for a while, you know that if a coupon has a bar code (old system) beginning with a "5", but says "DO NOT DOUBLE" on it, it WILL double at a store that automatically doubles scanned coupons for that amount. A bar code that begins with a "9" will NOT double!  This has ALWAYS been my experience at Tops.

So, I went to Tops today with my coupons in hand. My best deal (besides .25 laundry sheets) was going to be my .17 Heluva Good dips.  These were my coupons for the trip:

* (4)  .75/2 Arm & Hammer Products (did not state "do not double"), Bar code started with a "5"
*(4)  .75/1 Heluva Good Dip (stated DO NOT DOUBLE), Bar code started with a "5"
*$2 off 2 Danimals products - Walmart sampling station

In theory, both coupons should double with a "5".  Here's what I got there today; the photo is missing a dip and 2 laundry sheets as they got dropped off already for a ministry family.

Heluva Good Dips were $1.67 each. I had the .75/1 coupon which SHOULD double to $1.50 off 1, making them just .17 each. 
When I got to the register, the cashier took my coupons, sorted and read them to be sure I got each of the products there (fine by me since the order of the coupons does not matter at Tops). When she saw the Heluva Good coupons wording, she said to me, "These won't double when I scan them, do you still want the dips?" I replied "Yes" as I knew they WOULD double. (I don't bother explaining everything to cashiers, they don't usually care.)
 So, she scanned all of the coupons and then saw that the Heluva Good coupons DID DOUBLE automatically. Then, she did something I have never seen before:
She actually VOIDED my Heluva Good coupons and re-typed them in by hand so they wouldn't double.  Now, I'm not saying that she was wrong in doing so.  However, I am not sure that the store will always get credit if you type the coupon in by hand.  Usually the "Do Not Double" coupons begin with a "9" to ensure they don't double anywhere. Why in the world would they code them with a "5" and then write "do not double"????!!!!!  
I am just wondering if this is a new practice we will be seeing at Tops? I have NEVER had this happen before. I overpaid $3 for dips that weren't a NECESSITY. Ugh. 
So, here's my warning...don't assume all coupons will be doubled just because the bar code starts with a "5" at Tops. Again, I am not sure if it was just this particular cashier or if Tops is starting to do this everywhere. Have you had any experience with this?

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