Quick Couponing Tip, Sunday Ads! Save Money!

Here's a quick tip on items that are on sale in different places at the same time. You need to read the FINE print of the ad to make sure you are not OVER spending!!!
Look at the ad below:
TOP: This top ad is for Big Lots (no, they don't take coupons). Some people think that Big Lots has the best deals because of their low pricing. Sometimes, that is true. With the $1.00 price tag, is very tempting to want to stock-up. However, take a closer look at what this $1 box of sugar is...it is just 1 POUND!!! WHAT??? That is like buying the same bags on sale at the other two stores (4 pounds each) for $4!!! In this example, Big Lots is the MOST expensive!!!
Now, take a look at the bottom two ads. The middle one is Price Chopper and the last one is Kinney Drugs.
If you wer to just read through the grocery store ads, you would find that Price Chopper has the lowest price for the 4 pounds of sugar. However, look at the Kinney Drugs ad on the bottom...it is WAY cheaper for the SAME bag, by almost a dollar each!!! Who knew?
We often overlook drug stores for deals, and we are usually right in doing so. But, don't forget that if you are in NEED of something, spend a few extra minutes to read through the other ads in the paper! You never know what you will find!!! :)

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