I got my $50 from Swag Bucks!

I am so excited because last night I got my first $50 PayPal credit for FREE just by using Swag Bucks! I didn't fully realize its potential when I began last year, so I am super excited about using it this year!

Basically, it is a free site that you register on that allows you to perform "tasks" to earn "Swag Bucks".  There are many prizes that you can spend your "bucks" on and I chose the gift card! I earned 5,000 swag bucks and traded them in for $50.00, so essentially, each "buck" was worth 1 cent. Last night, I won 47 of them just by using their search bar to navigate the web, just as you would with any other search engine. Typically, I earn 7-10 when I win, so this was exciting!

If you look at the screenshot above, you can see there is a "tab" to "earn" bucks. Here, you can print coupons and earn 10 swag bucks for every coupon that you redeem that you have printed from their website. (If you know me, you know they rack up fast!) You also can watch videos, take polls, surverys, play games, etc. to earn them.

After winning my 47 swag bucks last night, I earned a few more by performing some tasks and got to my 5,000!!! I ordered my PayPal cash right then under the "Redeem" tab! Yay!!!
So, if you want to earn some cash just by surfing the web and having fun, give Swag Bucks a try!
P.S. I am up to 83 Swagbucks this afternoon already!

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