Valentine's Gift on a Budget!

If you are anything like me, I hate wandering through the stores trying to find the "perfect gift" for people! In our family, we ALL exchange SMALL gifts on Valentine's Day. But just because the gifts are small, I still want them to be meaningful!
Here's one for the crafters AND the non-crafters...SO EASY!
 My sister made this Scrapbook Photo Frame for me and I adore it!
Here's your easy project:
  1. First, find some fun old photos of you and the person that you are making the gift for. I like to make the photos all the same tone and print them out...these are black and white.
  3. Find or buy an unfinished frame for around $5 at your local JoAnn's or Michael's, etc. This one is a 12"12", a standard scrapbooking size.
     3.  Grab your stash of scrap paper or buy a few pages for about 50 cents each, two or three will do.

     4.  GET CREATIVE!  Just arrange the papers and photos as a collage and decorate with pens,
          markers...anything you like! Use a glue stick to secure them in place. Embellish your heart out!
          You can write down a memory or even find a nice poem to complement your theme!

In my opinion, if the gift is from the heart, it will be perfect! Just have fun with it and enjoy your Valentine's Day on a budget!

Have you made a project? We'd love to see it! Just contact me in the comment section!

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