How I earned $165 by web surfing and using coupons! Read on!

So, as many of you who use coupons know, we print ALOT of them in hopes of a good deal. We use the ink and the paper...then we cut them, then we store them, then we HOPEFULLY find a good deal to use them! We all know and love, right?

Well, every time I use a coupon from that I printed from Swagbucks, I get 10 Swagbucks added to my account! What is that worth? Well, I trade my Swagbucks in for Pay Pal credit. If I have collected 2500 Swagbucks, then I get $25!

Now you may be saying, "UM, it takes a LONG time to use 250 coupons, is there a faster way to earn?"  Or maybe you don't use coupons at all...good question.

I'm so glad you asked!  If you check out the screenshot below, you will see my Swagbucks account as I am writing this:

You can see at the far top right, it shows 3,977 Swagbucks as my balance, or $39.77 if I redeem for PayPal credit. They redeem in $25 increments and add it directly to my account!

Now, when I first get on the computer every day, I just go to this Swagbucks page. Then, I answer the "Daily Poll" which you will see on the bottom left of the screen shot. Here is the poll for today:

As soon as you click on "Vote", ONE Swagbuck will be added into your account.  Mine now says 3978 for the balance!

The next thing I do is start "searching". If you check Facebook or Twitter every morning, or you shop on Amazon or Walmart...whatever, you can just go to the search bar on the top of the home page (or click on "Search" on the top menu. Every time you want to visit a site, type it in this box. For instance, type in "Facebook" and search for it instead of going directly to the website from your regular browser.  When you are done with Facebook, head to Swagbucks and type in "Twitter" or whatever is next. Then, search for that. Usually in the first few (I say under 10) searches, it gives you automatic Swagbucks in your account.  Yes, it takes a few extra steps. But if you are searching anyway, it only takes a second more than normal.  Let's try it:

Ha! Awesome! This was my third try and I won 9 Swagbucks just for searching. (I am kind of stoked that it awarded it when I typed in "I love Jesus", just sayin'!)  All I have to do now is type in the "PAN" letters that it is asking for so that it can make sure "I am not a robot"! Then, I get my Swagbucks!

Now, I can usually do the "search" thing 2 times a day to get the Swagbucks for it. But, you have to wait quite a few hours to do it, I'd say like 8 or 9 hours at least. You could search a billion times after you win and it still won't let you win more until quite a bit of time has gone by.

Also, when you begin your search, don't type something in and hit "search" over and over until you win. Swagbucks is not stupid :) Treat it as if you are actually surfing the web and it will come in a few minutes!

"OK, Erin, you got 9 cents. Big deal."  9 cents may not be a lot, but you can see how it has added up over time. Now, I have to admit that I have only started doing this again since around January of this year. And I haven't always been faithful. But I'll take the $40 bucks if they want to give it to me!

Alright, so how about this coupon redemption thing?

Well, if you see the word "Discover" on the menu, "coupons" is one of the drop-down choices.  This will take you directly to which EVERY couponer is familiar with!  The only thing different is that when you redeem them, you will be credited 10 Swagbucks for each one!  Yes, these DO add up in a hurry if you are anything like me!

The key is, you need to give the stores time to redeem and let Swagbucks know you have turned them in. This may take a few weeks, but one day you will open it and see you have been credited! 

Speaking of being credited, here is how to check how you have been credited each day:

Just look at the top-right corner and put the cursor over your name. Then, the menu will drop down and click on "My Swag Bucks".  Ooooh, I just noticed that it shows your "lifetime" awards!  Mine equates to $165, not bad for a minute or so of time!

Anyhow, I would LOVE it if you signed up HERE for Swagbucks! I would be able to get a small credit (at no cost to you) for referring you - it would help me keep this blog going! :)  AND, you will get a bonus 30 SB just for signing up!

As you will see, there are lots of other ways to earn them, just explore the site. These are the best and easiest ones I have found! Keep me updated on how you are doing!

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