Unique & Frugal Water Bottle Valentine for School - FREE Printable!

If you have kids in school, you are probably faced with the dilemma of whether to choose a traditional Valentine's Day card with some candy attached to send in...OR to get all "pinteresty" and create some magnificent display of generic love for each child in the class! Well, I am not in the business of making something fancy that will get destroyed when it is shoved in the backpack to come home..."Ain't nobody got time for that!" LOL! :)

So, this year, I think we are taking a stab at an "out-of-the-candy-box" Valentine for my daughter's first grade class. It is a simple, yet healthy and useful..........wait for it.........bottle of WATER! Yup, a bottle of water. (11 cents each from Walmart after coupon!) This is to balance out all of those sugary snacks they will surely be getting! Also, it won't get smashed, crumpled, ripped or destroyed altogether (hopefully). AND, hopefully no one else will make them. Another dilemma with all those other crafty moms floating around, right?!

Anyhow, we were trying to make this "fun" and looked up different sayings that contained the word "water" or "splash" in it. We liked this one the best! Short, sweet and to the point...yet thoughtful. So, we designed it to fit snugly around the bottle of water with just a piece of tape or some glue.  And here's the creation!

**My tip would be to

have the child write "TO" on the left of the label and "FROM" on the right with the appropriate names. Our class is required to handwrite the names, so the printable is blank for you.

FREE Printable PDF

You can print this out on white cardstock, colored paper, whatever your HEART desires! <3 Then, you can tie a pretty ribbon around it. Or if you want to add to the sugary snack fiesta, you can attach a single serve packet of Crystal Light or Koolaid. Go crazy.

Do you have a great idea for a simple and frugal Valentine? I'd love to hear about it! Just comment below! 

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FREE PRINTABLE for the water bottle in case you missed it!

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