20 FREE & Unique Valentine's Day Ideas 2014!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is time to decide how you will show that special someone just how much you care!  Many of us are not only challenged with finding the "perfect gift", but are also looking at how to do so without breaking the budget. Here is a list of 20 things you can do to surprise that special someone! :)

1. Prepare a special dinner - Yes, it may be the obvious. However, change it up a bit!  Make the appetizers, side dishes, entrée and desserts to be all of his/her favorites.  Who cares if you eat mozzarella sticks with filet mignon, right? It will show thoughtfulness which is what counts!

2. Call to say "I love you" - If your other half has to work, give them a surprise call just to tell them that you love them. So simple, yet it will make them feel so special!

3. Frame a painting - Paint (or attempt to paint) a picture of your special someone and you in your favorite spot or doing your favorite activity. Yeah, so what that you aren't an artist...how many people can say that they've gotten that for a gift from an ex? It will surely put a smile on their face and you can frame it to remind you of the great Valentine's Day that you had together for years to come!

4. Write on the mirrors - Take a dark lipstick...or guys can use a bar of soap...and write on all of the mirrors of the house and car. Write anything you want...they could just be short messages or maybe clues of what is to come later that night! Make it fun and make it personal!

5. Mail a love letter to work - This one would probably catch them off guard! Time it so that they receive it on Valentine's Day if you can. AND make sure that they won't get in trouble for receiving it. You can decide on its contents, but just remember that it is going to their place of employment :)

6. Write a poem - This is an oldie but goodie - but if you haven't done this for your sweetie, I am sure it would be appreciated. The topic can be anything from "Why I Love You" to a story about how your met or the timeline of your lives together - get creative and start NOW!

7. Clean out the tub - Remember that garden tub you just HAD to have? Yeah, the one with all of the dust and the "what-the-heck-is-that?"s in it! Clean it out and draw a bubble bath. Light some candles and enjoy!

8. Do their chores - I don't care who you are, we all do at least one chore that we hate. If you know your honey could use a break from doing something, do it for them BEFORE they have a chance to. Even if it is something small like unloading the dishwasher. It will be greatly appreciated!

9. Have a sidewalk/paved driveway? - If the answer is "yes", grab some chalk and display your love for all to see! This is another unique idea that won't be done by many others around your neighborhood.  Can you imagine coming home to that? AWESOME!

10. Suck it up - Does your other half have a favorite activity or hobby that just drives you crazy? I bet they would love to have you willingly participate with them instead of rolling your eyeballs! LOL! Plan to do something with them that you just know THEY love...how about going to a hockey game? Or staying at home and playing video games. OK, that made me cringe, but I know that they would appreciate it! And for her, browse the web for pins to add to her boards!  Even better, help her with her favorite To-Do DIY project!

11. Newborn?  If you are like my hubby and I and have a newborn, what would you give to sleep an entire 8 hours uninterrupted? Surprise them by taking care of the baby all night and let them sleep! *Hint, hint, honey!*

12. Surprise Notes - Make up a bunch of sticky notes to go all over the places you know he/she will be that day. Send some in their purse or briefcase. Stick them in their shoes, wallet, makeup compact!
 Put them everywhere. They are sure to miss a few, it will be fun finding them for a while!


13. Throw it back - Recreate your first date! If you aren't able to travel there, prepare the same meal you ordered. Make signs to feel like you are in the restaurant again. If you went hiking, draw or hang photos up around the house. Walk by each one and talk about the memories!

14. UNPLUG! - Whatever you do, don't stare at your phone all through dinner. Turn off EVERYTHING and actually talk to your sweetie! No cell, TV, computer, gaming, nothing! They will appreciate it, as long as they can unplug, too!

15. Back of the closet - Still holding onto those popular movies on VHS? Or do you have some home movies from when you both were dating? Dig out the old videos and have some fun with a bag of popcorn. Reminisce about the clothing, hair-dos and special effects! It is sure to make you laugh!

16. Breakfast in bed - OK, so the breakfast isn't "FREE", but I assume you eat every day. So the "making" of the breakfast would be the "free" part. Even if it is cereal and toast, it is something that you probably never do. Throw in a homemade card...or if you really love them, a massage as well!

17. Make a CD - Most people can associate times in their lives to songs. Do you have a favorite memory that makes you cut "Footloose" or "Jump, Jump"? (Oh, my, I am dating myself!)  Burn a CD that has meaning to both of you. Dance after dinner and it will be so much fun! (OK, we have family dance parties all the time so I know this will work!)

18. Play Hard! - Send the kiddos to grandma's and get dressed in your snowsuits and mittens! Go outside and make a snowman, go sledding or make snow angels! Let loose from this crazy world and the stresses that you both may have endured this past year! Be a kid again! Or if you don't have snow (lucky you!), go to a playground or park and just have fun!

19. Picnic - Ok, so maybe you don't have time to go on a picnic or you are caught in this polar vortex craziness. Have you ever tried eating on the floor of your living room on a blanket? SO FUN! I promise! Even if you think it's corny, eating on paper plates and getting crumbs everywhere is different. Therefore, it should spark conversation, a great way to connect!

20. My favorite - STOVE S'MORES!!! Yum, I LOVE s'mores but can't have campfires right now without frostbite! Make them inside on your stove! Messy and fun to share!

Do you have a favorite way to celebrate without breaking the bank? Comment below, I would love to hear! God bless you!

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