What? A post?!!!

OK, so it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything on this blog. Well, lots of things have happened (I'll spare you the details), but I decided to check in.  I am not going to be regularly posting, but I think I will hop on here when I feel I have something of worth to say! :)

I guess my question is, is anyone still out there? I have had so many hits on my site while I was gone...I guess there is still some interest?  :)
Anyhow, right now I am working on getting dirt-cheap "vacations" for California (coming up) and Florida (a few months later). I think I will start posting snippets of how I am doing it without taking the credit for how I have learned it...stay tuned!!! :)

Hope all is well in saving-money-land! God bless you!! :) Erin

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