Back to Basics: Finding Coupons

Coupons are practically everywhere now! Their use is becoming increasingly popular, so be on the lookout!
Helpful coupon sources:

§  Manufacturer’s websites

§  Facebook pages for items

§  Tearpads – these are like little “coupon books” that are situated usually next to the item in the grocery store.

§  “Blinkies”  – these are the coupons that are in the little machines with a blinking red light that “spit out” one coupon at a time. They are also found on the shelves or on the doors of freezer/refrigerator displays.

§  “Peelies”/In-item coupons – Some items you buy may have a “Save $1 now on this product” coupon or may have a coupon printed on the inside of the actual box.  This in-item coupon is not always advertised, so always check your packaging before you throw them away!

Other great sources:

§  Vendor fairs, special events – My husband went to a NASCAR race once and they had a street fair outside the track. At most of the vendors, there were coupons for different items. My husband, father and brother-in-law brought us back literally a couple hundred coupons they gathered throughout the day…just handed to them by vendors!

§  Phone Calls – You wouldn’t believe the number of coupons I have received from manufacturers just because I called to give my opinion on a product.,.OR I simply asked for them! Wow, you would be amazed at what they sent! I even got a $20 Neutrogena coupon…a wrinkle cream for FREE!:)

§  Church, friends and family -  Chances are that you know LOTS of people who get the Sunday newspaper, but don’t use the coupons. ASK them! I am sure they would be happy to save them for you. You can offer to give them some pre-paid envelopes to those whom you don’t see often and it makes it so easy for them to just pop them in the mail!

Please note that you CANNOT photocopy printable coupons!  Each are unique with different pin numbers used for verification. Yes, some stores may not have the verification tools yet to know that it is counterfeit, but that doesn’t mean they won’t catch you doing it! When they don’t get reimbursed for that coupon, they will be on the lookout for the one who gave it to them!  Also, it’s just not ethical. Don’t give into temptation!

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