Rubbing Alcohol...Who Knew! Quick Tips!

So, I read on my favorite idea website that you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean with to help with disinfecting instead of regular household cleaners. I went to purchase some and saw my pharmacist friend there and told him about it. He said that a better choice would be rubbing alcohol as it would "kill a larger variety" of germs AND it would evaporate, so you wouldn't have such a slimy residue.
So, naturally I opted for the rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle
 I got from good old Wally World. :)  Don't forget to label it clearly!!!
Of course both of my children came down with strep throat last week, so I have been using this like crazy! And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!! It is so versatile and I have found other uses for it as well!


I have been using it on door handles, toilet handles, countertops, telephones, remotes...pretty much anything you can think of!  It takes off the dust, dirt, toothpaste, etc....and I'm hoping it kills the germs...AND it is streak-free! I even started using it in place of Windex!!! Look at this:
It even takes the dust off candles! YES, candles! No more trying to wipe them down
 with water and Pledge!!!

I love it! Just thought I would pass it on...
Have another tip for cleaning? Post below!!!

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