Tops Doubler Trip! Week of 3/3/13!

So, Tops doubler deals are FINALLY back! The catch is that you have to spend $20 before you are able to use the 4 doublers. SO, hand over the DOUBLER coupons FIRST after making sure your total is $20. Then, you can hand over your other coupons.

Here are my needed items for my homemade chili dogs and cake shakes at our ice cream store this season! And, I have to bake a cake for church this Sunday...this was a GREAT deal!!!

(12) Furmano's Tomatoes @ $1.25 each = $15 total
(4) Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix @ $1.25 = $5
(2) Frosting Creations Frosting @ $1.79 each = $3.58
(2) Frosting Flavors @ .89 each = $1.78

Used  (4) $1.00 off  3 Furmano's AND (4) $1 Doublers = less $8
Used (4) .50/1 Duncan Hines Red Velvet Coupons = less $4 after doubling
Used (4) .50/1 Frosting Creations Coupons = less $4 after doubling

So, I spent $25.36 - $16 = Just $9.36 for all!!!! LOVE that! Tops isn't my favorite store, but for things I absolutely need, I will venture out!

Don't forget, you can use these dollar doublers at Price Chopper, too! You have to follow the same $20 rule AND make sure that the total of your doublers is not more than the first half of the order!

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