My Wreck It Ralph Deal @ Price Chopper!

I grabbed my paper yesterday morning and saw a great coupon in the Target insert -

"25% off any Disney Video or Book"
My daughter is hoping the Easter Bunny will bring it, so I called the Easter Bunny up and had him do this deal:
The DVD costs $19.95 at Price Chopper (same price at Target).  The Easter Bunny loves gas points, so he chose to take the 25% off coupon to Price Chopper as a competitor coupon. 
Here's what the deal SHOULD be:
$19.95 @ 25% off = $14.96!
The cashier that the Easter Bunny had did not know how to calculate 25% off, had someone else use a calculator and they came up with $3.99 off instead of $4.99 off. The Easter Bunny asked them to recalculate (he is so smart that he did it in his head, LOL!), but they would not recalculate because a calculator was used by a "higher up". The Easter Bunny took one for the team as he could not jeopardize his relationship with good old PC.
Anyhow, they also have other Disney movies at $5.99 that you could pair this coupon with!  Did you find another great deal? Let me know! :) Just comment below!

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