Softsoap Catalina Deal at Price Chopper thru 3/23!


OK, so it has been confirmed that the Softsoap BOGO sale for $2.49 is working off shelf price for the free one! Here's the easiest deal in a nutshell:

(promo is on the last page of the ad)

*Buy 14 Softsoap @ $2.49 BOGO = shelf price is 14 * 2.49 = $34.86, enough for the $30 CAT promo minimum.

**Pay just $17.43 out of pocket as half of them will be FREE!

***Get a $10 OYNO Catalina that you can use on anything except gift cards! You can even do the deal again and get another $10 OYNO, but I do NOT recommend clearing the shelves!!! After all, you can always make your own hand soap!

$17.43 - $10 OYNO = $7.43 for all 14 hand soaps = .53 each!!!! :)

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