Busy Mom Recipe - Salsa Chicken Thighs!

If you haven't figured it out, I am NOT a chef or even a remotely "good cook". I am not interested in creating the most fantastic dishes for my family (although I would LOVE to have that ability). My daily goal for dinner is simply to make something that everyone will eat without anyone saying, "Eeeew, that's gross!" AND to make a dinner on time constraints.  Not sure if there is anyone out there who understands where I am coming from?! :)

So, I got some chicken thighs a few weeks ago (mega pack) with a freshness peelie at Price Chopper.  I ended up paying less than $.80 per pound, yay!  I made half of the batch for dinner one night and had half of the batch uncooked for another...and I had just 2 days to use the rest.  I had NO clue what to do to make it taste different from the chicken thighs from two nights prior.

Now, what you may have figured out by now is that I am extremely frugal and I don't like to see things wasted when there are so many people that go without. So, of course, I opened the fridge and took a quick inventory of what I could "whip up" that just "might" taste good! I spotted 3/4 of a 16 ounce jar of salsa left over from tacos one night.

Here's my saving grace recipe when I got extremely ill and just couldn't cook for my family:

The night prior to dinner, I dumped about 4 ounces of the salsa into a ziploc bag along with the 5 chicken thighs and then stuck it back in the fridge.
The next afternoon, I dumped the bag of chicken and salsa into the crockpot and threw it on low. I added about another 4-5 ounces of salsa to the tops of the chicken, just enough to cover each thigh. In about 2 1/2 hours, I had fall-off-the-bone salsa chicken, so moist and tender!
**NOTE: your cooking time may vary, these were pretty big thighs, so check yours often!

The other sides in the photo were leftovers from the prior night. I ALWAYS make enough for leftovers...saves on cooking twice and my family doesn't complain about eating leftovers! I am blessed that way!

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