Easily Tidy Up Around The House!

Don't you loathe the days where it feels like all you are doing is picking up toys, papers, crumbs, etc. around the house and having no feeling of accomplishment?

Have you ever been terrified that an unexpected guest will see your whirlwind of chaos when they enter...and they will be here any minute?

I know I have had those feelings plenty of times! So, I wanted to share with you a fun and easy way to QUICKLY de-clutter for those times you just want to have a tidy house!

It's called the "FIVE MINUTE GAME" and I play it with my kiddos all of the time to get them involved.  They are 6 and 2 and they are actually a big help when we play!

1. Have a container such as a laundry basket or small box available to put items in.
2. Explain to the children how the game works, determine a small reward if you like.
3. Engage the children by having one of them set the timer for 5 minutes in the room you want to tidy- we have a fun "apple" one that the kids love!
4. When the time starts, take all of the items and put them into your designated container. You could have 2, one for upstairs items, one for downstairs, etc. You can customize the game to your needs!
5. I usually go around the room in order and hand the kids the items to put in the bin.  Do this ONLY for 5 minutes or you and your children will feel like there is no end in sight. Adding to the timer will be pointless once you start! You can rearrange and neaten the room as you go.
NOTE: DON'T put the items in the container away during those 5 minutes.  If you want to clean another room, bring the box(es) with you. Do the next room, then if there is time remaining, put away items from your bin into that room that belong. It is much easier to put things where they go when the room is not full of stuff that doesn't belong!

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