Free and Cheap at Price Chopper! Week of 2/17/13!

Here are just two neat deals I found under the AdvantEdge e-Coupons on Price Chopper's website this weekend!

If you are not familiar with their online coupon system, these coupons are loaded right to your card and come off instantly when the item you are buying and your card are scanned.

NOTE: If you click a coupon under the "Manufacturer" tab to load to your card, you CAN NOT use another manufacturer's coupon with it. You will HAVE to use your card-loaded coupon, even if your paper coupon value is better. So, my suggestion is NOT to load a manufacturer's e-coupon to your card unless you are ready to use it. :)

These are STORE coupons: (limited supply!)
Save $3.00
on any THREE (3) Central Market Classics items

any ONE (1) Price Chopper Jumbo Round or Cheese Ravioli 13-14 oz.
Just click the AdvantEdge e-Coupons link to get your e-coupons loaded to your Price Chopper card!

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