Homemade Air Freshener - Kid DIY

Since this week is school vacation for many kids, I decided to post some simple but fun DIY projects you can do at home with your kids! This one is pretty simple and allows creativity for your child as well! AND, you can actually USE it!

Today, I will show you how to make a homemade air freshener! 

Here's what you will need to start:

1 Peel and Stick Craft Foam
1 Piece Felt
1 Ribbon
1 Traceable Shape (computer printable)
Hole Punch
3-5 Drops of your favorite essential oil or potpourri oil
Any extra decorative supplies you wish
First, choose the shape of your air freshener. We chose Minnie Mouse Ears and used a printable from the computer. Cut out the shape and trace it onto the peel and stick foam back and again onto the felt.

Then, cut out each shape. Peel off the paper from the craft foam sheet and stick it to the cut-out felt shape.  The felt should be a bit stretchy and can be moved slightly if the cutting is off between the two pieces.

Now, punch a hole wherever you would like to hang the air freshener and string your ribbon through. Make sure it is long enough to hang at the level you want it.  Tie a knot or bow at the top.

Finally, turn your air freshener to the felt side. Allow 3-5 drops of essential oil to fall onto different spots on the felt.  This should be potent enough, so don't overdo it. You can also use potpourri oils if you'd like!

Now, just decorate the front of your foam however you wish! Or, you can keep it simple. We chose to add a Minnie Mouse bow with hot glue and, Voila! Super cute and fun to do!

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