DIY Travel Play Mat for Cars! Easy!

This DIY car play mat is such a great way to keep kids occupied on-the-go!  One of the mother's at my daughter's dance class made all of the children in the waiting room one of these!
Here's all you need to make yours:
- 1 piece of canvas cut to a size of your liking
- Craft paints in the colors of your choice
- Paint brushes
- A little creativity!!
All you need to do is paint a scene for little toy cars to drive around. This particular one has a road, railroad tracks, stoplights and stop signs! There is even a little spot labeled "Carter's Garage" for the cars to park! LOVE it!
Best of all, you can fold this into a lunch box and fill it with little cars and figurines to play with when your kids need some a waiting room! Goodness knows you don't want your kids touching the toys that everyone and their brother have handled! :)

Have a great craft to keep a child entertained on-the-go?
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