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And so, we meet again! What a year!

It started out AWESOME with an almost-free trip to Disney World with my family of many of you may have read.  But, it quickly spiraled downward from there...

To make a long story short and spare you the details, I had major surgery in February, had a life-changing event occur at the exact same time...and had another major health scare that I am still battling today.  I am alive and thanking God for His goodness and grace through it all.  I am continuing seeking out specialists, but God is good and we have ruled out life-threatening!  Yay!

On a brighter note, I FINALLY was able to "retire" from physical therapy.  I was a therapist for 15 years and with this HORRIBLE change in the health care system, I felt that this was the right time.  So....

I am now an OFFICIAL travel agent! Yes, I have been researching, planning and booking travel for family and friends for years and years as "favors" to those who needed it. But, now, it is my FULL-TIME career!

Obviously, I am quite thorough in my research and I carry this quality through to my business.   Never used a travel agent before?  Here is an overview on how Custom Memories Travel works:

  1. First, get EXCITED and hand over your WISH LIST!
  2. Fill out my All-About-You Questionnaire so that I can get to know you better!
  3. I will begin researching, planning, and building custom itineraries from the ground-up!
  4. You pick your favorite itinerary and we refine it until it is perfect!
  5. I book EVERYTHING for you...right down to your dinner reservations, if you wish!
For more information on How To Plan A Vacation with Custom Memories Travel, just visit the website or click on the link!

My goal with travel planning is to find VALUE for my CUSTOMers.  Please don't think that I am going to be able to get you a $5000 trip for $1000...that is not what I do and it is pretty much impossible if you don't play the credit card game, which we have covered quite a bit of.

I strive to find you GREAT vacations tailored to YOUR a price that reflects VALUE.  For instance, maybe that $5000 vacation will include a spa credit at your resort or a gift card to enjoy on your trip.  Many additional amenities may be had by booking with a travel agent instead of booking yourself.  Payment plans are also available!

I would LOVE to have you visit my custom travel website and take a peek for yourself!  There, you will be able to sign up for my Custom Travel Talk Newsletter that will feature travel tips, news and deals! 

You can also check out my new travel specialties including Disney Surprise, Blind Booking & Surprise Vacations!

OK, so the other perk of being a Frugal DIY Mom reader...a discount coupon code just for you!

This coupon code is good for $25 off your first custom vacation with Custom Memories Travel! Depending on the vacation, this will come in the form of $25 off your final payment OR a $25 gift card.  This will just depend on the kind of vacation and the time between booking and travel.

Your coupon code will be good through December 31, 2014.  This is the date that your Custom Vacation must have a deposit placed or the code will not work.  Are you ready for the coupon code?

Here it is...


I would LOVE it if you shared this on your Facebook page with all of your friends!  You may even get a bonus for referring! :)

So, start dreaming of your next vacation...and remember to plan it soon before the prices rise!

Thanks again for checking in with me...God bless!

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