You could be taking a defensive driving course...

Well, with all of this "spring cleaning" business we have been talking about lately, I thought it would be fun to write a more "light hearted" post!

Have you ever had someone innocently ask you as a mom, "So, (insert your name here), what did you do all day?" Ha! If I had a nickel, right? Well, lately, I have been pondering that question myself. If you have been following along, I had a very involved surgery (4 of them at once, actually) that has required me to stay home from work and activities for 8 weeks. Something I had never done before. I went back to work just 2 weeks after each of my children were born...even with a C-section. "Sitting still" is not in my vocabulary.

But, with this newfound "boredom", I came to wonder what it was that I actually did all day anyway.  Well, I am on track to start work next week again and am getting back into the habits at home. Strangely, I still feel like I could use another 10 hours in a day just to get everything done.  I couldn't possibly relay all of the things I had to do in just one day...

...Or could I?

Enter: The online defensive driving course. Ugh.

Well, I thought that since I had 30 days to complete it that I could just read/skim through and answer questions on my time. Um, nope. Instead, I am sitting here as I type this waiting to click on the "next" arrow to switch slides after the "time limit" has gone by. WHO THE HECK NEEDS 1 MINUTE AND 4 SECONDS TO READ A PARAGRAPH!!! For crying out loud.

Needless to say, this is a very frustrating way to take the course...clicking on an arrow after the clock runs down to "0" minutes left on each slide.

So, I am trying to find ways to get things done in between "clicks".  When I got thinking about it, I DO have LOTS of things that I do each day that may go un-noticed by the question-askers.  I know their questions are innocent and don't imply that I don't do "anything" all day. But, I thought it would be fun to see what goes on in the life of a "have-to-stay-at-home" mom!

***DISCLAIMER: In no way am I down-playing the importance of defensive driving or the course itself. I am simply frustrated that I am able to pass all of the quizzes easily by reading each paragraph at lightning speed compared to the time limits that you are required to spend on each slide.

What better way to kill a few hours of this course than by documenting what I have done "all day". It is quite humorous to me, if no one else! :)

So here we go...a day (or a 1/2 hour anyway) in the life of a "have-to-stay-at-home" mom:


-Start this totally strange post.
-Lunch time for the son - reheated chicken, got a banana, milk and cheese stick with 4 clicks in between.
-Try to get son to the lunch table in between clicks!
-Get up to get the ranch dressing to dip the chicken in, click, click!
-The baby needs a binky, hold her off until lunch with son is done.
-Click, wait, click, wait, hurry up!!!,  click...
-Text message from a blocked caller, crap! I thought it would block texts, too! Resist temptation to respond with a temper.  Click, click.
-Bud, you gotta take smaller bites of cheese. What? You want to dip it in ketchup? Ugh. Click.
-Quick, grab the binky again!
-Google ways to block text messages on Samsung Galaxy S4
-Oops, forgot to click...
-Smaller bites, buddy!
-Dang phone.
-Dang binky. Clickety, click, click, click!
-Google again so I actually get an answer.
-More milk.
-Click, click...gotta get the "Phone Warrior" app.
-Click...why is she still crying?
-Grab the baby and put her on my already!
-Click, click, click, finally found the app.
-Here's a napkin, buddy.
-Download the app.
-Click, click, click
-Ok, let's make a bottle.
-Ugh, the test is asking me to prove my identity again. I took too long making the bottle.
-Click, try to get comfortable in the kitchen chair while feeding the baby and clicking away.
-Typing with one hand sucks! Reposition baby and hold bottle with chin to type with both hands.
-Keep eating, bud. Yes, I know you don't want to take a nap today.
-Keep eating, baby girl. Don't fall asleep Click, click.
-Sigh. I better save a lot of money after this...
-WHAT? QUIZZES? I guess the heading "no final exam" didn't mean that there were no quizzes.
-OK, 5 easy questions. Thank goodness. Paying a bit more attention to detail now.
-Forgot to block the texts now that I got the app.
-Honey, you are taking a nap today.
-Click. Wake up, baby, you are not done with your bottle.
-Burp the baby. Click. 
-Stop typing so I can actually burp her.
-Wipe the spit-up off the floor. Don't forget to click!
-Wipe the ketchup off son's face...with the clean side of the burp cloth. I'm gonna wash it anyway, right?
-Honey, you have to take a nap. You can play for 15 minutes and then it's time. Yes, it is, now go.
-Oh my gosh, I need eye drops again. Stupid Lasik.
-Click, click, in!
-Wipe crumbs onto the floor to sweep with homemade Swiffer!
-Glance at the clock and realize it has only been 20 minutes. Ugh.
-Let's check email. I don't need to type to do that...
-Oops, forgetting to click.
-Ugh. I hate email.
-Oh gosh, I forgot I have a meeting tonight. Make a list of stuff to bring and topics to cover...
-Log out of email. It has to wait.
-She's asleep, put her in the bassinet.
-She's awake. Apparently, she doesn't want to be in the bassinet.
-Binky, where's that binky? Click...
-Grab the homemade Swiffer and sweep fast! I have 47 seconds!
-Buddy, let's go to the bathroom before nap. Yes, bud, come on...
-Realize that this post could go on forever.
-Come on, bud, you HAVE to use the bathroom. Now.
-Go physically get him to bring him there.
-Binky. Aahhh, she took it.
-Do I have enough time to put the ketchup and ranch away before I need to click?
-Go get more soap for the bathroom. Wipe up the toothpaste I spot on the sink from this morning.
-Oh gosh, did I read this slide already? Type in to confirm who I am again...
-Realize that I have lots more to do than blog today.
-Decide that you have probably had enough of this post already! :)

OK, so it may not have come out as funny as I thought it may.  But, the next time you are at home and wonder what you have accomplished, remember this post. You do A LOT more than you will ever get credit for!

And SMILE! You could be stuck clicking away for 6 hours! :)

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