Make a MEGA Crayon - Even Easier Tutorial!

I am not a fancy mom and have never been...and never want to be.  I just don't have time and I don't feel that it is worth it in the end. So, I search for new ways to do old things so they take less time and brains! LOL!

Well, here's my fix to those fancy crayons in different shapes that everyone makes in the silicone pans. Fancy hearts, stars, etc., just aren't my thing. I vote for the MEGA crayon!

Last night, I stepped on a crayon and it broke into 3 pieces. I took out the plastic shoe box that houses about 500 other used crayons and proceeded to throw the pieces onto another set of crayon crumbs. But, then it hit me. I was going to just melt try them together in the microwave and make a really BIG crayon - like the one they ask for when we are in a store. Yes, they are 7 and 3 and they want big, fat "baby" crayons!

So, I just grabbed the box and took out a bunch of the broken ones and started peeling!


I stuck the bare crayons in a little Dixie cup that we use for mouthwash. You can get them on Amazon or at Walmart. Easy Peasy!

Then, I just put them in the microwave, right in the cup! First, I put them on for 1 minute. Then, I did 30-second intervals until they were all melted. I think altogether it took 2 1/2 minutes. Your microwave may be different, just watch it so they don't "pop" all over!

Beware that if you tip the cup when you are trying to peek, your colors may run together and come out a baby-poop brown! Yes, I did this on accident! And DON'T STIR IT!

So, this is what you will have when the crayons are finally melted. There is a bit of the poop-brown but thank goodness I realized my mistake in time!

Let the colors completely cool. Then, peel off the wrapper - it comes of super easy!

How cool is that? I should have tried this before! It was actually kind of fun! And if you can recruit some kids to peel the papers, that would be even better!  I'm sure I am not the first to try, but I was too busy to even look any directions up! LOL!

Here is what the crayon looks like when it is done and completely cooled!

It is so easy for a kid to grab onto and they have a lot more color choice when using it than if you make the smaller crayons. And, this is MUCH more difficult to break!

Have you ever made crayons before? Or do you have a recipe for making something easier than everyone thinks? I'd love to hear it!

If you know someone with kids who may be stepping on crayons in there home, SHARE this with them and pin as well!

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