Cheater's Boutique Pony-O! St. Patrick's Day Idea!

This is NOT the way I make my boutique items, BUT, this is a great way to use the things around your home or the inexpensive sale items at the store to make an accessory for a one-time-use!

Here's what I found at last year. The flower clip and shoe laces are normally $1 each and were 50% off, so just $1.00 for both!

So, I decided to make a Pony-O out of them and show you how you can "cheat" and take it apart to use for something else when you are done!

First, gather the ribbons (or in this case, shoelaces) and find the middle point so that there are an even number on both sides.

Now, tie the ribbons/laces around the stem of the flower clip you are using:
Next, cut the ribbons the length you want them on the diagonal.


Then, you want to run a lighter very quickly over the ends to "melt" them and keep them from fraying.  BE CAREFUL if you have never done this before. It is very easy to burn them! If you do, you can just re-cut them and seal them again.
All that is left is to clip it to your ponytail rubberband and you are good to go! TIP: Once you clip it, you can pull each ribbon to tighten the knot and you can wiggle around their placement!
CUTE!!! :) And EASY!


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