10 Life Hacks You'll Wish You Already Knew!

Well, it's Day 20 and I am SO done with being out of commission! Ugh. But, on the flip-side, it is giving me a chance to put out some great information for you! This is one of my favorite things to write about!

So, if you are all into pinning, etc., you know that there are a lot of  tips and tricks out there that can potentially make your life easier. I have to admit that I used to spend lots of time pinning away and have learned a bunch of handy things! Recently, I thought about putting all of my favorite tips together to share. Many things I have tried and failed at. But these are actual tricks I have used and these are the original photos from them.

I would LOVE to put more tips like this together to share with you and would LOVE your help in doing that! If you have tried something and it was successful, please comment below and we can get it into another post!

OK, so here are the first 10 life hacks that have absolutely made my life easier!

1.  OK. We all know that I am not a cook, so I am a bit behind the times on this one. But I ALWAYS have pasta boiling over whenever I make it. My friend showed me this tip that actually works! Just place a wooden spoon on top of the pot when you are boiling your pasta and it will prevent it from boiling over! Genius! No more messy, salty water to clean off the stove top!

2.  I LOOOOVVVEEEE this next tip! I have had a bag of rubberbands that I got from Walmart for .10 in my drawer for years and never knew what to do with. But, this is the best tip if you are carrying armfuls of bags or whatever in and out of your home!

All you have to do is take a rubberband and hook one side over a doorknob. Then, twist the rubber band so that it makes a "figure 8" and hook the opposite end to the other doorknob. Now, make sure the "X" of the rubberband is over the latch. This will pull the latch in just enough to prevent the door from closing tight. Now, just "bump" the door with your hip in either direction and it will open or close for you hands-free!!! :) Think GROCERIES and KIDS!

3.  Do you have clothing that just falls off any hanger you put it on? I HATE those plastic straps that come sewn into the clothing and then hang out of your armpit when you wear them - I always remove them. SO, grab those rubber bands and loop them on the ends of the hanger. Watch the magic below!

Your clothing won't slide off the hanger onto the floor anymore!

4.  Hate the "clunking" of sneakers going through the dryer? What about the door opening without you knowing and then having them still wet when you need them? Well, it's as simple as a knot! Just tie the laces together, hang them over the dryer door, close the door and dry! No more noise! Woohoo!

5.  Simple, but valuable. I ALWAYS smash a thumb when I am hanging pictures! Take your clothespin and use it to hold the nail in place while you are banging away at it! No more pain or accidental cussin'! :)

6.  This is one I never knew until I needed it! Opening those awful plastic packages can be such a pain! But use your can opener to avoid slitting open your finger or trying to cut through with scissors!

7.  This trick can work for adult clothing as well. If you are like me, you like to have your clothing hung with the whole outfit together. My 3-month-old has SO many clothes that look similar but don't really match. So, I definitely need to hang the tops with the bottom. BUT, those darn bottoms keep falling and I can't see what the tops look like! So, the solution?

Use a bottle tab to hook 2 hangers together - Yay! Why didn't I think of that? SO clever!

8.  So, my poor boy has been so sick with a cold and his asthma is in high gear. I have to keep him in a room with a cool-mist humidifier. The problem is, my baby girl is stuffy too, so they both have to be in the same room to sleep since momma had just one humidifier. Um, that means it's my room since that's where the baby's crib is right now. So, my boy got to sleep in the king bed for a few nights. The problem? He falls out of bed easily and our bed is very high off the floor. So, I stuck some pillows at the edge of the bed underneath the sheet. A pool noodle just wouldn't cut it, sorry! :) This worked like a charm because it is high enough to keep his ever-rolling body away from the edge!

9.  I am growing to love these shoe organizers more and more every day!  I struggled with finding a way to organize all of the froo-frooey hats and headbands my daughter got after she was born. But, my "ah-ha" moment came when I was cleaning out her room and had this organizer left over from taking on our Disney Cruise to organize a bunch of other stuff in the cabin. OH, how useful! You can use these shoe organizers to hold all sorts of things like cleaning items, belts, scarves, mittens, makeup, jewelry, whatever...even shoes! LOL!

10.  Find yourself in a hurry for work with frosty windows? Let's see...YEAH! Just grab yourself some rubbing alcohol! I think it was under $1 at Walmart and so was the squirt bottle.  I just leave the squirt bottle of it (labeled) in the trunk since it won't freeze. Squirt it on your window and watch the frost melt away!

Well, there you have it! The stuff I wish I knew a long time ago!

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