Money Maker at Walgreens begins 3/24/13!

NOTE: This is for the week beginning 3/24/13!!! :) Yes, I don't like shopping at Walgreens, but I do like Money Makers! :)

TriCalm Hydrogel will be on sale at Walgreens for $7 and get a $7 Register Reward = FREE

TriCalm Steroid-Free Hydrogel

Use this $1.50 off MQ when you buy it, pay $5.50 out of pocket and get a $7 RR! $1.50 MM!!!

OR this $2.00 off MQ, pay $5, get $7 RR, $2 MM!!!

*Remember, you can only do this ONCE per transaction and you can't use the $7 RR to pay for another TriCalm item or you won't get another $7 RR.

*Also, remember this RR counts as a "coupon" and you can only have one "coupon" per item purchased. In other words, you can only have 4 coupons if you are purchasing 4 items. You can't have 4 manufacturer's coupons AND pay with a Register Reward...that would be considered "5" coupons!

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