Baby Boy "Pee Pee" Covers - DIY Tutorial!

Here is a SUPER quick way to make a VERY helpful gift for a new mom and baby boy! They are my version of the "Pee Pee Tee Pees" that are so very expensive. But, these are so simple! I am making some for my cousin's new boy!

First find a fabric you like...I am using fleece, but you could use any other absorbent material. I like fleece because it won't unravel!

Cut out a circle about 7" in diameter. You can trace a bowl or something a bit bigger than a CD.

Then, cut the circle in two exact halves. You can do this simply by folding the circle in half and cutting down the middle.
Now, with right sides together, sew around the entire CURVED edge, backstitching at both ends. Then, cut a few notches along the outside of the seam, being careful not to come too close to the seam. This will make the curve a little smoother when it is complete by taking out the extra bulk.
Now, turn this right-side-out, pushing out the curved seam to make it smooth with your finger.
Next, fold the half-circle in half again with the right sides together. (In other words, the material you want to see on the outside when the project is finished - these sides should be folded together so you CAN'T see them now.)
Sew along the straight edge, backstitching at each end. Then, go back and do it again with a zig-zag stitch. Trim off any excess fabric, just not too close to your seam!
Now, turn it right-side-out and you are finished!!!!
You can make a bunch of these with your left over fun!!!!  A simple variation would be to use two different fabric colors for your half-circles if you want. I think it is easier to just trace one fabric and cut it in half, but you could do two...:)
Hope you enjoyed this post!


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    1. Hi, April! They said that these worked great! :) I wish I had them with my son! Lol!