My Last Staples Trip - week of 2/17/13!

So, I completed my Staples trip today in Syracuse! I can't believe that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes deal!

Until 2/23/13, you can grab 3 of the above Lysol Wipes @ $3.99 each and get back 100% in Staples Rewards! So, I used my gift cards I talked about in my prior Staples post that I bought with my rewards from last month. I used the gift cards to buy the above items...REWARDS items! If I had used my ACTUAL rewards instead of rolling them onto the gift cards online, I would not get the full amount credited to me on this month's rewards! Woohoo!

I didn't have the extra FREE earbud coupon with me, but I had the Poland Spring and the Copy Paper Coupon with me! After the rewards I will be getting back, this trip cost me the price of the Poland Spring - $2.99 plus tax & deposit! :)

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