DIY Body Wash - My FAVORITE Recipe!

OK, so, being a couponer, I have TONS of personal care items that get the job done, but couponing is WORK! Fun work, but WORK. So, I was thinking of ways to cut down on my couponing time and, of course, we all turn to the pinning boards, right?
So, I found a recipe and loved it SO much that this will be the only body wash I will need from now on. And, of course, I will buy the soap used with my coupons! :)
I had tried a few recipes, but, with being a body wash user, I was not used to the "waxy" feeling that my first few batches of body wash left on me. Also, I missed the smell of the body washes I was used to.  So, here is my concoction for my FAVORITE peppermint body wash!
grate one bar of Dove soap into a stainless steel bowl (the one you will be using for all of your DIY cleansing projects after you are HOOKED!)  I haven't tried Ivory or Lever2000, but I have heard they work well also!
Then, take two cups of boiling water and carefully pour it into the bowl.  Stir gently until the soap is dissolved as you don't want a bubbly mess!
Let the bowl cool to room temperature. Add 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil if you want a different smell. I picked peppermint as it has some antibacterial qualities AND I love the smell!
NOTE: It may look like a solid when it is cool. If it won't go through the funnel, you can add water, a few tablespoons at a time with a whisk (gently) to your liking. Remember, you don't want the body wash to "run" out of the container when you use it in the shower. Mine looks like a "thick jelly", but flows out nicely!
And in the interest of being "frugal", don't worry about buying fancy bottles or labels for your products! Just recycle an old body wash or shampoo bottle...they will do the trick and the lids pop right off! Well, with the help of a knife or screwdriver...carefully! :)
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