No-Sew: DIY Swiffer Dry & Wet Refills & Solution!


Well, if you haven't figured me out by now, I LOVE to save money! And today, thanks to my friend Sheila at A Super Savvy Saver, I got 2 Swiffer wet/dry starter sets for better than free today! But, I must admit that I was hesitant to use them because I did not like the idea of spending money on the wet/dry refills. I had a Swiffer before and trashed it for that very reason. However, I was feeling a bit creative and thought about how I could make these myself...

So, I headed to the closet of "things I never use" and found one of about 12 pairs of chenille socks I had been given from the Dollar Store. They make my feet sweat, so I opt for my flip-flop slippers! LOL! :)  Then I had a light-bulb moment...(However, I see now that there have been a few others with the same light-bulb moment!) Nevertheless, I gave it a shot!

 For Swiffer Dry pads:  All you really have to do is grab your Sweeper and put the sock over it! It fits so snugly that you don't even have to click it into the holes to secure it!

This was FANTASTIC for the dusty floors...and it picked up a lot of other junk, too! ICK!
I won't embarrass myself by saying that those are left-over fake Christmas tree needles from under the couch!

I have to say that I also LOVED the fact that it fit snugly on the Swiffer. With my last Swiffer and dry pads, I would often get frustrated when scrubbing the floor/scuff marks because the pad would slide or sometimes fall off! This was AWESOME!

Now, what if you want to have a WET Swiffer pad?

Mix 1/8 cup of mild dish soap, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 gallon of hot water. You can certainly scale this down proportionately if you want to clean just a small area.  All you need to do is dunk the sock into the mixture and ring it out before putting it on. If you have a really soiled floor, you may need to change the sock or flip it to the other side when one side is dirty enough!

This is a great mixture for hardwood floors, the vinegar is diluted enough that you don't have to worry about the finish. I LOVE it!

BUT, most of all, I LOVE that you are able to pop them into the washing machine and have a new "pad" all over again! Woohoo!

Other ideas for pads:

- Fleece wrapped around and tucked into the Swiffer notches
- Cut-down microfiber clothes to fit into the notches
- Knit your own cloth...I'm not that handy or ambitious!!!
- Washcloths
- Bar Mop Towels

Have an idea for a Swiffer refill? Share it below...and don't forget to pin us below and find us on Facebook!  God bless!

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